program manager who delivers product solutions designed to help consumers, employers, associations, and brokers in the benefits industry.
ˈkōdərē,ˌ kōdəˈrē/ 

a close circle of people with a unifying common interest or purpose.

Your access to the inner circle. We live and breathe a partnership approach to business that leverages our long-term relationships in the insurance and benefits industry. Through our career experiences, we share deep expertise and knowledge across all disciplines of the market.
A disciplined approach to understanding market and business needs. We help to create winning go-to-market strategies. From start-up to early-stage growth, to mature markets…. we've been there and understood the unique challenges that each stage brings across a business and product lifecycle.

An integrated market approach. We create the most effective ways to bring products to market across multiple channels and distribution partners.

  • Individual

  • Employer Group

  • Association

  • Student

  • Affinity

The needs of the market are constantly changing. We offer a nimble approach to procuring and developing proprietary products that our distribution partners and clients appreciate because they are relevant and meaningful to the needs of the marketplace -- including the rising concerns of affordable health insurance and student loan debt relief. Our packages of consumer-centric insurance and non-insurance programs solve real-world problems, make a difference in consumers' lives, and have a track record of being market-leading and market-changing.
benefit plan(s) designed to solve for unmet needs in the marketplace
Fundamental Care® offers two medical insurance options: 1) an employer-sponsored, level-funded, limited-day health plan, and 2) a voluntary, fixed-indemnity limited-medical plan. Both are structured with affordable premiums and no deductibles. The plans are high in potential coverage and include upfront, day-one benefits -- healthcare you can actually use.
The Fundamental Care programs are designed for various niche markets, including: associations, small business and their employees, non-benefited employees at enterprise-level companies, and independent contractors in the financial services industry.  With the ongoing changes and disruption expected to occur within ACA, Fundamental Care provides an affordable and alternative solution to HDHPs and minimal essential coverage (MEC).
StuLo® is a package of financial wellness benefits for employers and associations.  Student loan debt has been classified a "crisis" in America with over 44 million Americans owing over $1.5 trillion in debt. Coterie is working with StuLo to provide employers and associations with a relevant and meaningful package of financial wellness benefits to help their employees, members, and their dependents. StuLo is an alternative to employer-funded repayment assistance plans.  They provide a turn-key approach for employers to help their employees with student loan debt, provide decision support tools and education for consumers to more fully understand and initiate a loan consolidation, income-based payment plan, or refinancing. The results can be a significant reduction in monthly payments, delay of monthly payments, or even forgiveness of some or all of the loan debt.
StuLo includes a combination of financial coaching, credit repair, and identity theft protection for all employees and is available to employers on a voluntary/low-cost basis. StuLo is available to Employers, Alumni and Trade Associations, and can be embedded with other Financial and Insurance programs. StuLo is an industry-leading financial wellness program that most importantly, will make a meaningful difference in consumers lives.
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Coterie Advisors is is a Scottsdale-based, insurance program manager and national marketing agency. The founders of Coterie are comprised of a team of insurance and benefits professionals who have dedicated their careers to the benefits marketplace. They have held various Leadership and Executive roles at multiple insurance carriers, agencies, and platform administrators. Their drive has helped thousands of employers and millions of individuals obtain quality, affordable care. Coterie focuses on niche insurance and benefit programs and has life and health licenses in all 50 states as well as property and casualty.
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